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Towanroath Engine House

St. Elizabeth's Hotel

Thatched Cottage, Swindon

Gregor House, Tregony

Moorswater Viaduct

The Love of a Friend

The Wall



Liz and I want you to know how impressed we are with the scale model of Wheal Coates which you have built for us.


The truly amazing detail, the accuracy of the piece, and the obvious care and expertise employed in the manufacture

of the model is far more than either of us expected . It really is a beautiful work of art which will provide us with a great deal of pleasure.


When we have finalised the site in the garden where Wheal Coates will reside, I will be sure to send a photograph for your records.

Liz & Roger Lissimore


I was looking for a unique and sentimental gift for my father’s 60th birthday. A scale model of our family home for the garden was the perfect idea.


Terry’s passion for his models was evident throughout, and he created a perfect to scale model based on a series of photographs that I had provided him with. Being the perfectionist that he is Terry laid the model in situ to complete the job. My father was delighted with the gift and amazed at the craftsmanship and attention to detail.


The model has weathered well and still looks beautiful.  My children think that ‘The Borrowers’ live in it.

Sarah Watts



Terry Vanes is Devon born and was raised in the seaside town of Looe in Cornwall. He now lives in Plymouth with his wife Helen. Terry has 2 grandchildren, 4 cats, and 3 fish.

He had always been interested in art, and, as much as work commitments would allow, indulged his artistic side landscaping gardens and creating little pockets of beauty in Plymouth and Cornwall for family and friends.

In 2011 Terry sustained a life changing back injury and was suddenly incapacitated. The slow recovery meant a lot of time to fill and again he turned to his creative side to find an absorbing and fulfilling way to pass his time.


As he had been in the process of landscaping his own garden he had a large amount of local stone available to him. So, much to his wife’s horror, Terry set up a workstation on the dining room table and began his first project, Gregor House, Tregony, Cornwall, the home of his maternal grandparents.

This piece was intended as a new hobby, a time filler, and to give as a present for his parents as a piece for their garden.

From this inauspicious beginning Cornish Garden Features was born.

Although now evicted from the dining room, Terry always has a work in progress. From made to scale models of childhood retreats, local architectural features, historical engine houses and even a local hotel, each project takes many hours of meticulous work. Terry demonstrates a highly developed sense of composition and a keen attention to detail. He illuminates qualities that often go unnoticed by the casual observer and his work now graces gardens from Probus, Cornwall to Kingswinford in the Midlands .


Bespoke projects are available by commission as well as reproductions of some original models cast in concrete.


Towanroath Engine House

Moorswater Viaduct



For a quote or general enquries, please contact Terry Vanes via the contact section.

Thank you for your message, I endeavour to answer queries within 48 hours. However, during busy periods, weekends and bank holidays I may take a little longer. Please be patient.