Personal Design

A personal design built as an ornament for my own garden.  The model was built using Cornish rustic stone. The interior walls are rendered. 

The sash windows and doors are made from wood. These are stained then glazed using 2mm glass. 

Waterproof plaster of paris tiles are used to tile the roof. The chimney stack is made from red brick and the chimney pots made from waterproof plaster of paris. 


The house was built upon a slab of concrete which can be buried as the foundation for the house.


Solar lights will automatically light up the windows at night.

St. Elizabeth's Hotel

The hotel is a 1/16 th scaled replica taking over 600 hours to complete. 8000 tiles were used for the roof. Each window and door were individually built and glazed using 2mm glass. 


The walls were cast in concrete. At night the windows and carriage lamps light up giving this model a very classy look. 


The hotel was originally positioned in the hotel gardens but has since been moved to another residential property.

Gregor House, Tregony

Gregor house was built as a gift for my mother. It sits proud in her front garden as a reminder to where she grew up as a child.​

This model of Towanroath engine house was built using Cornish rustic stone. Towanroath took over 230 hours to complete as each individual piece of stone had to be cut and fractured then glued into place.


The red bricked arched windows, doors and chimney breast were built using individual  waterproof plaster of paris tiles.


The interior walls were lightly rendered and the exterior walls and chimney breast were grouted.

Towanroath Engine House

Thatched Cottage, Swindon

An 18th century model of a thatched Cottage based in Swindon. The client also wanted the garden scene added.


The cottage windows and carriage lamps light up after dusk. 

Moorswate Viaduct

This was a three arched section 00 scale model of the Moorswater Aquaduct in Liskeard, Cornwall.


The model was built out of Cornish rustic stone chippings and strengthened using mortar and 10 mm steel rebar.


This model will bring mystery and intrigue into any garden.

The Love of a Friend

My wife commissioned " For The Love Of A Friend " as a gift to celebrate her best friends 50th birthday.


Each heart represents a decade of their 30 year friendship.

The Wall

A bespoke piece of art made from Cornish rustic stone and framed with wood.


This piece looks great positioned outside by the patio or featured on a wall.


This piece can be commissioned in different sizes.

Towanroath Engine House